Final Project | Forth year | Tamar Bar Dayan and Avi Neeman
The project presents my visual interpretation of Alzheimer's disease.
In my interpretation, I come out of the image of my grandfather, who was once an ambassador who served the State of Israel in the world, but also speaks of a broader phenomenon in which a person loses a long and slow process of identity and especially himself.

The project deals with the essence of identity, with a narrowness expressed through the "treasures" of content, form and color. The development and process of the disease are expressed through visual materials that I collected:
Medical texts along with personal texts, documents from his work as an ambassador, and my grandmother's textual documentation of the deterioration of the disease. Slowly the personal patterns disappear, leaving only the cold, technical medical texts.The technique is digital embroidery through which I created a series of collages that describe the deterioration of the person.
Each collage describes a stage of the healthy person who discovers that he is ill and how everyday life deteriorates. The graphic language I created is composed of the various texts that were collected, along with visual elements that correspond to different stages of the human being - from the texture of a tie, which usually occupies a place of status and honor, to the texture of the hospital uniform that demonstrates the loss of self-ability, privacy and dignity. All the ingredients I poured into a formal graphic framework, of real documentation of brain scans, which themselves show the worsening situation by reducing the area at each stage, variability of color and content.
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